About us

Montreal Solutions a Canadian company established in 2002, with a vision to supply and distribute electronic and electrical components, and later on, it was expanded to distribute Industrial Products and Equipment. 

It has emerged as a leader in the electronics independent distribution & Sourcing industry, providing strategic business solutions to a broad base of customers in the Avionics, Rail, Automotive, Computer, Industrial/test, Medical Memory, Printer, Military and multimedia markets., Telecom, Contract Manufacturing, Lighting, Consumer Electronics.

The company continues to grow its business by evolving its partnerships from regional, national to international and by entering agreements with some of the world’s largest OEM’S and CEM’S. On the other hand, it has established many value-added programs with key customers including technical support, logistics, order fulfillment, demand creation, warehouse/inventory control and supply chain management.

Through the experience and leadership of its senior management team, Montreal Solutions plans to continue managing its growth by identifying key new market segments and supplier business opportunities while maintaining its unique customer service-oriented philosophy.

To be the extension of our customer’s procurement team, by offering an Integral and fast solution throughout a well trained staff. Overall fulfilling our customer’s needs, placing the quality and best price as our main target.

Through our years of experience, ensuring an excellent service and maintaining a strong communication level with our customers.

Honesty, Integrity and Trust.